Catalog of China PLA Stamp 中国人民解放军邮票目录 2018.09.30


the Great Revolution of Cultural
Long Live Invincible Mao Zedong Thought

Long Live Chairman Mao

Talks at Yanan Forum on Literature and Art
A Long Long Live to Chairman Mao
Long Live the Victory of Chairman mao Revolutionary Line in Literature and art

Chairman Mao with People of the World
Poems of Chairman Mao

Latest Instructions from Chairman Mao
1977 Completion of Mao Memorial Hall, Beijing

Top Ten Marshals

Top Ten Generals
Ye Ting

Fang Zhimin & Xi Zhongxun

Generals From the Early Years of the People's Liberation Army

1938 Victory over Japanese Soldier
1945 Victory over Japanese

1946 Victory over Japanese
1947 The Anniversary of the Outbreak of War Against Japan

1947 "9.18"
1948 The 2nd Anniversary of the Death of General Li Chaolin
1948 Liberation of North China
1949 Soldier
1949 the Liberation 0f Northeast
1949 The 4th Anniversary of the Outbreak of War Against Japan

1949 Victory of Huaihai Campaign

1949 the Liberation of Jianghuai
1949 Liberation of Nanking and Shanghai

1949 the Liberation of Wuhan

1949 the Liberation of Guangzhou

1949 The 22nd Anniversary of the Liberation Army

1949 Marching Design of PLA

1950 Liberation of South West China

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