United Kingdom 英国

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The Commonwealth of Nations 英联邦国家

Frica • Botswana • Cameroon • Eswatini • Ghana • The Gambia • Kenya • Lesotho • Malawi • Mauritius • Mozambique • Namibia • Nigeria • Rwanda • Seychelles • Sierra Leone • Tanzania • Uganda • Zambia • South Africa
AsiaIndiaPakistanBangladeshSri LankaMaldivesMyanmarMalaysiaSingaporeBrunei
ColumbaCanada • Belize • Antigua and Barbuda • Bahamas • Barbados • Dominica • Grenada • Jamaica • Saint Kitts and Nevis • Saint Lucia • Saint Vincent and the Grenadines • Trinidad and Tobago
Latina • Guyana
OceaniaAustraliaNew Zealand • Fiji • Kiribati • Nauru • Papua New Guinea • Samoa • Solomon Islands • Tonga • Tuvalu • Vanuatu

British Overseas Territories 英国海外领地

• Anguilla • Bermuda • British Indian Ocean Territory • British Virgin Islands • Cayman Islands • Gibraltar • Montserrat • Saint Helena • Turks and Caicos Islands • British Antarctic Territory • Falkland Islands • Pitcairn Islands • Sovereign Base Areas of Akrotiri and Dhekelia • South Georgia and The South Sandwich Islands

Stamp 邮票

Coin 硬币

Banknote 纸钞

UK Definitive Stamp 英国普通邮票

Circulation  Coin 流通硬币
Commemorative Coin 纪念币
Gold and Silver Coin 金银币

UK Banknote 英国纸钞


God Save the Queen

God save our gracious Queen
Long live our noble Queen
God save the Queen
Send her victories
Happy and glories
Long to reign over us
God save the Queen
O Lord our God arise
Scatter thine her enemies
And make them fall
Confound their politics
Frustrate their knavish tricks
On thee our hopes we fix
God save us all
Thy choicest gifts in store
On her be pleased to pour
Long may she reign
May she defend our laws
And give us ever cause
To sing with heart and voice
God save the Queen


常胜利 沐荣光
孚民望 心欢畅
治国家 王运长
扬神威 张天网 保王室
歼敌人 一鼓涤荡
破阴谋 灭奸党
让我们齐仰望 神佑女王
选精品 倾宝囊

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